Odette MichellEvent

Dec 19

Odette Michell

Odette Michell is a British folk singer-songwriter, guitarist and bouzouki player with a bold new take on the acoustic tradition and a voice capable of demonstrating the finer points of both folk and traditional song with genuine craftsmanship. Her vocal style has been described as "warm, intelligent and sitting comfortably amidst folk guitar in a timeless songwriting style" - and has been compared in similarity to the likes of Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell.

Play WellEvent

Nov 19

Play Well

‘Play Well’ explores how play transforms both childhood and society. Using displays of historic toys and games, artworks and design, this exhibition investigates how play develops social bonds, emotional resilience and physical wellbeing. The exhibition includes: images of children at play in the street, in playgrounds and beyond; makeshift and commercially produced toys; digital games and a LARP (live action role-play) space by artist Adam James. 

Arabella Weir: Does My Mum Loom Big In This?Event

Nov 19

Arabella Weir: Does My Mum Loom Big In This?

Devastatingly funny, excruciatingly honest and definitely embarrassing for all of Arabella’s relatives, not to mention herself, this is a helter-skelter tour of appalling – and appallingly funny – maternal behaviour. “Arabella Weir has a unique knack of making appalling (and true) stuff funny” Sandi Toksvig

Raphael Wallfisch & John York SchubertEvent

Nov 19

Raphael Wallfisch & John York Schubert

The celebrated cello and piano duo of Raphael Wallfisch and John York present Schubert’s famous Arpeggione Sonata and the cello arrangement of Brahms’ beautiful second clarinet sonata, in his beautiful elegiac ‘late style’ of the 1890s. At the same time, in London, Elgar was composing his miniatures Chanson de nuit and Chanson de matin. In this concert, they provide attractive preludes to Bloch’s ambitious Suite from 1919.

Rory Carnegie, Long Ago and Far AwayEvent

Nov 19

Rory Carnegie, Long Ago and Far Away

This series explores an animal’s relationship with land. Landscape is not just something we know but something we are. If memories of sensing , moving and emotion in landscape are removed or changed, then we become something else. We are in the landscape and it is in us. The wold has existed for so long and our perception of it so short that we cannot deny the possibility of a tapir pawing the meadow near us.

Cars: Accelerating the Modern WorldEvent

Nov 19

Cars: Accelerating the Modern World

As we approach another major turning point in automotive design, this exhibition looks at the role of the car in shaping the world we live in today. Over its short 130-year history, the car has become one of the most loved, contested and influential innovations in the world. It has revolutionised manufacturing, transformed how we move, forever changing our cities, environment and economies

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