Michael Simpson -  New PaintingsEvent

Sep 19

Michael Simpson - New Paintings

Michael Simpson is an artist whose practice is characterised by a reduced palette and distinctive, artistic vocabulary in which Benches, Confessionals and Squints are recurring motifs explored in ongoing series of works. Whilst Simpson’s apparent subject is the infamy of religious history and the politics of belief, these subjective references provide only a subtext for his principal subject: the mechanics of painting.


Camden VoicesEvent

Sep 19

Camden Voices

Spanning a huge breadth of repertoire, we showcase fresh arrangements from the worlds of a capella, jazz and pop written with the diverse and unique qualities of the group’s voices in mind. The 25 piece choir comprises passionate singers, instrumentalists and educators from across London unified by our shared love of music.

Damien Hirst - MandalasEvent

Sep 19

Damien Hirst - Mandalas

Returning to one of his most well-known motifs – the butterfly – Hirst’s new paintings take their inspiration from the mandala: highly patterned religious images that represent the cosmos or universe in Hindu, Buddhist, Jain or Shinto traditions. Predominantly circular, they feature exquisitely colourful butterfly wings placed into intricate concentric patterns on household gloss paint. Complex and restless, their compositions resolve at the centre with a single butterfly, a point of visual and mental focus; a spiritual or energy nexus.

Chantry Dance Company — Alice - WonderlandEvent

Sep 19

Chantry Dance Company — Alice - Wonderland

The Looking Glass has remained in Wonderland as a portal to our world, which the Queen of Hearts accidentally crosses when chasing a croquet ball. Entering this new reality, she develops a dastardly plan to seize power by opening a casino where she can create an Army of Cards. Hatter and his gang of concerned Wonderland characters pursue the Queen, and on their journey they are delighted to find Alice again! Together, they resolve to stop the Queen, but first they must try to make sense (or non-sense!) of our world.

Syrian cookery class with Majeda at St EthelburgaEvent

Sep 19

Syrian cookery class with Majeda at St Ethelburga

Excited to welcome back one of our first Migrateful chefs, the wonderful Majeda. She will teach you the secrets to a range of Syrian dishes and then sit down and share a meal with you. This is your chance to learn a brand new cuisine, support an amazing cause, and eat great food!

Cosmic Love NightEvent

Sep 19

Cosmic Love Night

El & Del bring their Cosmic Love night to the Horse & Groom on Friday 25th October, bringing you music to move you till the early hours. Joining them on the night will be soulful selectors Stevie T, Sam J. and Jon Wayne. Expect a lively and eclectic set of balearic beats, funk & soul, disco deep cuts and soulful deep house - taking you on a musical journey of sounds from across the globe!

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