Operation Black DoorEvent

Nov 20

Operation Black Door

Operation Black Door takes over Churchill War Rooms on Thursday 11 March, Friday 12 March 2021 and Saturday 13 March 2021. Diplomacy, Decisions, Intelligence and Misinformation. Will you have what it takes?  Take part in this new immersive after-hours experience, Operation Black Door, and uncover the secrets of Churchill’s wartime bunker, in the rooms that made history.


Nov 20


With their small inheritance stitched into their clothes, young Aryan and Kabir set off on an epic journey by foot from Kabul to London. Braving bustling train stations, hazardous sea crossings, menacing strangers and threats of violence, their heart wrenching story speaks of terror, hope and survival. Based on Caroline Brothers’ novel Hinterland, Flight combines timely themes with engrossing images to honour the resilience of refugee children adrift in dangerous lands.

Dick WhittingtonEvent

Oct 20

Dick Whittington

In a newly transformed Olivier theatre, Ned Bennett directs this wild new version of the classic tale which has been freshly updated for 2020 by Jude Christian and Cariad Lloyd. This hilarious and heartfelt panto is packed with the cheekiest of jokes, the chattiest of animals, the awesomest of songs and the messiest of silliness. 

Turner's Modern WorldEvent

Oct 20

Turner's Modern World

How J.M.W. Turner broke convention to paint his changing times. One of Britain’s greatest artists, J.M.W. Turner lived and worked at the peak of the industrial revolution. Steam replaced sail; machine-power replaced manpower; political and social reforms transformed society. Many artists ignored these changes but Turner faced up to these new challenges. This exhibition will show how he transformed the way he painted to better capture this new world.

Leila Alaoui - Rite of PassageEvent

Oct 20

Leila Alaoui - Rite of Passage

In 2016, whilst working on a women’s rights campaign with Amnesty International, Alaoui was caught in gunfire during a terrorist attack in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and three days later died of her wounds. Honouring Alaoui's photographic practice, the exhibition includes three of Alaoui’s defining series of works - Les Marocains, No Pasara and Natreen, as well as Alaoui’s final unfinished video work L’Île du Diable (Devil’s Island), exploring the lives of a 1960s generation of dispossessed migrant workers in France. 

St Pauls Carol Singing 2020Event

Oct 20

St Pauls Carol Singing 2020

St Pauls Cathedral will be playing host to some of the greatest Christmas festivities in London. There will be traditional Christmas carol singing and celebrity readings. St Pauls is a historic London landmark that has provided the backdrop for many of England’s most historic events. Queen Victoria’s Jubilee and Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding are just a couple of occasions that have been held at this famous cathedral. 

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