The Art of BanksyEvent

Mar 21

The Art of Banksy

This globally acclaimed showcase features original and authenticated works associated with, arguably, the most intriguing and talked-about artist in modern history. On display are prints, canvasses, screenprints, sculptures, unique works and limited-edition pieces mainly dated between the years 1997 to 2008, the period which resulted in Banksy’s most recognisable and well-known works.

Beatrice Nicholls - onlineEvent

Mar 21

Beatrice Nicholls - online

Beatrice brings popular classics by Mozart and Debussy plus her own solo arrangement of Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.3.  She is also joined by cellist Joe Zeitlin to perform her own composition Psalmus. Psalmus was composed by Beatrice during the current pandemic crisis.  Knitted into her piece is an ancient plainsong, commonly sung by parishioners in the Middle Ages as an introduction to Psalm 81.  Psalmus explores the mystery of worship that, even in the midst of uncertain times, looking up to God will give us strength.

Paul Jones & Mike D'Abo of Manfred MannEvent

Feb 21

Paul Jones & Mike D'Abo of Manfred Mann

Paul Jones & Mike d’Abo, orignial vocalists of Manfred Mann. This is a unique opportunity to see the pioneers of British rhythm & blues band Manfred Mann’s lead vocalists in an intimate setting. The '60s group Manfred Mann is now considered, more than ever, one of the finest and most respected bands from that era. Their numerous hits were R&B based with an undercurrent of jazz - a very unusual but winning combination of playing style and substance. 

The Romance of RuinsEvent

Feb 21

The Romance of Ruins

Part of the Greek world from the 8th century BC and ruined in antiquity, the beauty and fame of the Ionian cities lived on in the writings of ancient commentators such as Herodotus and Strabo. This exhibition focuses on the published accounts of the expedition, produced in lavish volumes funded by the Society of Dilettanti, and the evocative images by the brilliant young artist William Pars, placing them in dialogue with the collections and architecture of Sir John Soane, who deeply admired ancient Greek architecture.

The Gesualdo Six - onlineEvent

Feb 21

The Gesualdo Six - online

In their concert debut at St Martin’s, esteemed vocal consort The Gesualdo Six perform a selection of English motets by composers including Tallis, Gibbons and Byrd. This Easter-themed programme explores the extraordinary journey of innovation and change undertaken by composers during the religious turbulence of the sixteenth century, and the astonishingly beautiful music produced as a result.

The TempestEvent

Feb 21

The Tempest

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” The stranger and his daughter live alone on a remote island. Some people say he’s an artist. Others say he practices magic. But today is different. Prospero spots his oldest enemies passing close by in a fragile boat, and he conjures up a storm that will change all of their lives forever.

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