Mario Testino: EastEvent

Nov 19

Mario Testino: East

Featuring 18 prints, the collection comprises two subject matters; Japanese flowers on lustrous golden screens and vividly tattooed men, intricately entwined. Through the distinctive lens of Testino, these dazzling images capture two Japanese traditions at their most vibrant.  The flower still lifes are inspired by traditional ‘Ukiyo-e’, or “pictures of the floating world”, one of the most admired genres of Japanese art and typically created using woodblock prints and painting. 

Troy myth and realityEvent

Nov 19

Troy myth and reality

From Helen of Troy’s abduction to the deception of the Trojan Horse and the fall of the city, tread the line between myth and reality in this phenomenal new exhibition. Get closer to these captivating characters as you explore the breath-taking art that brings them to life, from dramatic ancient sculptures and exquisite vase paintings to powerful contemporary works.

Kevin Killen - Technicolour ArtEvent

Nov 19

Kevin Killen - Technicolour Art

Following a night-time photography and audio recording session of nearby Bishopsgate and beyond, Killen translated the images and sounds into a series of energising light drawings. The resulting cartographic works on paper offer traces of the routes undertaken by road users and pedestrians at particular moments. 

large logo Competition

Nov 19

Win 6 months worth of Chipotle

Win 6 months worth of free Chipotle! Choose from burritos or bowls at any London restaurant.

City of London Christmas MarketEvent

Nov 19

City of London Christmas Market

Visit the historic Guildhall for the City’s original Christmas market. You’ll find everything from a festive luncheon to holiday gifts and goodies. On Tuesday the Market is open all day for shopping. As well as browsing over 100 stalls you can catch up with friends or family over a Festive luncheon or Champagne afternoon tea in the beautiful Guildhall crypt. In the evening you can see top designers showcasing their clothes at our fashion show.

The CaveEvent

Nov 19

The Cave

Feras Fayyad (Last Men in Aleppo) returns to his native Syria to observe the lives of a team of female doctors operating in ‘The Cave’, one of the secret subterranean hospitals providing medical care to the trapped, war-torn population. In addition to the daily horrors of chemical warfare, the remarkable women battle through ingrained cultural sexism with tireless dedication. 

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