Cyber Rats - onlineEvent

Jul 20

Cyber Rats - online

For the past five weeks London Contemporary Dance School third year students have been working remotely with internationally renowned guest artists; Jamila Johnson-Small, Thick and Tight, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome and Leah Marojević to create new pieces of work to present as a celebration of their time at LCDS. In any other year, these works would have been open to the public and presented on our theatre stage.

Tullio Crali: A Futurist LifeEvent

Jul 20

Tullio Crali: A Futurist Life

Featuring rarely seen works from the 1920s to the 1980s, this exhilarating exhibition covers every phase of the artist’s remarkably coherent career, including iconic aeropaintings, experimental works of visual poetry and mixed-media reliefs, as well as examples of ‘cosmic’ imagery dating from the 1960s, inspired by advances in space exploration. Also featured are a large number of Crali’s famous Sassintesi: enigmatic compositions of stone and rock, ‘sculpted’ by natural forces.

Carol Peace X Andrew SquireEvent

Jul 20

Carol Peace X Andrew Squire

Carol Peace works in clay, which is quick to work with and easy to mould, before casting her pieces in bronze. The finished sculptures retain their rough surfaces, proudly displaying the hand of the artist. Andrew Squire's style is deceptively simplistic, but loaded with commentary on Earth's current environmental issues. Primarily depicting animals in pairs or isolation on a solid colour plane.

Dark Factory PortraitsEvent

Jul 20

Dark Factory Portraits

The Gallery collaborated with a team of cutting edge software programmers and visual effects specialists, to see how far and how fast algorithms and moving parts could progress towards realising recognisable and psychologically engaging portraits. Over months of iterations, we’ve worked with the programmers to layer the code so that the robot can paint both loosely and to a very high level of detail where necessary, executing the portraits to a consistent style envisioned by us

Picasso and PaperEvent

Jul 20

Picasso and Paper

For Picasso, paper was both a tool to explore his ideas and a material with limitless possibilities. He experimented with everything from newsprint and napkins to decorative wallpaper. He spent decades investigating printmaking techniques, sourcing rare and antique paper from as far as Japan – and all without losing his compulsion to draw on every last scrap

Plan a visit to The National GalleryEvent

Jul 20

Plan a visit to The National Gallery

Slowly, slowly, London is getting its galleries back. The first of the major institutions to open its doors is The National Gallery on Wednesday July 8, but you’ll need to book your place in advance. Social distancing measures will be in place, and masks are recommended, but the main change is the one-way system. To explore the space, you’ll need to choose between one of three art routes through the collections. Plan your gallery path

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